Flight Ascending Twerk.

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like ur bottom be a butterfly and a eagle all at once
sense the wings
fly them cheeks
as the rooting of your awareness
feel the wide and ~draping yo toes~ span of them wings
rooted in ya bottom
feel the wings drop and rise
sense the rhythmic fluctuations
rooted from where you tooted, at least once 😉
sense those senses kiss every part of you
ful wing span
whoosh whoosh
through every other sense
sense that swoosh, anchored in that booty, rise from your feet
through your calves
hip’s warm breeze
that brick laying core
through them sweet sweet tata’s sea
seastar and seabling
both got the sweetness
out through your priding shoulders
down / up to your open arms
sense the circular frequency field of this yum wing span around you
sip it lightly swipe your neck
double infinity with a kiss to and from your lips rooted in your sacral sense
as the satin swipe continues sending a blossoming breeze up into your nostrils
sending a texture like nectar throughout your integral body send
as the soft swipe continues
over your eyes
like atomic feathers
wiping away every dust like speckle of clouding
and those booty rooted feathers
whip the tip of the span
through your mind
strengthening every synapse
that supports a wellness align

this isnt twerk twitching.
this is twerk flying.

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Wellness Orienting, Systems Optimizing, Production Artist <3 Nourish is one of the co-creators of the ever growing global-homesteading Freeing Systems experience. Her main passions are Freeing Access and Freeing Flow. She's had academic studies in media and communication, women's spirituality, and transpersonal psychology. But more than anything she just wants to play with our aligned and committed earth siblings and use that play as productions to inspire the world to join along! To read more about Nourish go to www.NourishingSelf.Earth

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