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So there’s this ongoing, kind of active right now, topic of the “under/value-ment” (value / lack of value) of professing one to be of the light…

There’s so much value in grounding.

Energetically, by sensing an awareness that blooms from the earth within your own being.
And physically, by cultivating direct access to your needs and symbiotic, regenerative, and sustainable (SRS – “source”) wants. – direct meaning without indebtitude, no obligations of money nor labor, or as close that you can get that as systematically / proactively ever-emergently as possible. This is possible with the SRS technically optimized systems of mechanization, automation, and self-replication.

And yes, there are some methods of being that distract from these grounding processes.
And I think shaming them is one of those unfortunate distractions.

Instead we could all build together our access to freeing systems. And share our personal methods of engaging the Great Right Here and Everywhere casually, with integral and authentic impact if that be the symbiotic yum.


About the Author:

Wellness Orienting, Systems Optimizing, Production Artist <3 Nourish is one of the co-creators of the ever growing global-homesteading Freeing Systems experience. Her main passions are Freeing Access and Freeing Flow. She's had academic studies in media and communication, women's spirituality, and transpersonal psychology. But more than anything she just wants to play with our aligned and committed earth siblings and use that play as productions to inspire the world to join along! To read more about Nourish go to www.NourishingSelf.Earth

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