Nourishing my womb and unveiling.

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Image Credit: A Connection via Latoya Crick, Artist Unknown

Nourishing my womb and unveiling.

What effervescent womb-like pulls,
Sparkling and shimmering in darkness,

Stars evoking lights that illuminate corners.
Evoking true existence,
Unveiling the borders.

Something like, rocking.
Back and forth on my lover’s groin,
Pleasure seeking, feeling, knowing.

I come to this.

I cum. And this,
Becomes everything that I know.
Soliloquies’ monologue of to and fro.

As I bash my head into the walls that I’ve grown
A character of self, developed by all that I’ve sown.

Seeing is believing,
Is identifying,
and relieving.

Pressure points pointing out new places with endless points, pointing to more.

And that’s the simple pace that my rocking has taken me,
Integrating all that I am so my lovers no longer mistaken me.



A knowing divorced from a tailored end.

End times? Fuck that.
I stand in my magic and dream a new world.
With stars supporting my health, where its good enough just being a Girl.

Nourishing my womb and unveiling.

~Circa, 2011

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Wellness Orienting, Systems Optimizing, Production Artist <3 Nourish is one of the co-creators of the ever growing global-homesteading Freeing Systems experience. Her main passions are Freeing Access and Freeing Flow. She's had academic studies in media and communication, women's spirituality, and transpersonal psychology. But more than anything she just wants to play with our aligned and committed earth siblings and use that play as productions to inspire the world to join along! To read more about Nourish go to www.NourishingSelf.Earth

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