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So if you’ve been watching the evolutions of my personal page, you’ll have noticed the main image change a couple times (a few really, but the second change wasn’t super noticeable). The first picture was the picture that it is now. The second was this picture.

Tha major difference being round the leg region.


I changed it per an observation from a virgo who I fundamentally adore. Particularly because I wanted her to share my site with her friend. But that day has passed and the next day I got to thinking. The reality of the first image being suggestive is fine. But me needing to do something about it is not a reality.

Suggestive is as suggestive goes. If you get turned on by me, I welcome you to inform me of that if you so please. And then I will tell you plain and simple the statement I have made many times previously through my virtual presence.

I’ve sad it so many times I went and made a meme about it, lol!



Love at first sight exists. It just that, for me, it often ends as quickly as it begins. My only sustenance for engagement is creating global home together as a focus that excites and sustains us both/all without needing anything else from each other except basic kindness as overflow of the celebrations that we hold fundamentally for our lives. Thats how I can be friends with you. And I want to be, please understand. But if you want more before at least four seasons of that then, trust, we not aligning. I wish you wellness, and I step on. #wellness #cocreatiom #teamwork #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #globalhome #freeingsystems #nourishingselfearth #loveatfirstsight #earthfamilu #earthsiblings #truelove #unconditionallove #symbioticconditionslove #freedom #tribe

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Like basically, I’m grateful if you find me attractive. Now give me a chance to find you attractive; because for me it has very little to do with the physical reality of you in this moment (particularly considering that that reality will constantly be changing). But it does has everything to do with, not only your commitment to cultivating a universally supportive and accessible freedom, but your self-inspiring autonomy within that commitment.



And, like once that’s said, the kind of men that I hold in my personal spaces respect that.

And I’ve never been aggressed otherwise because I discern and avoid aggressive energy before it gets anywhere near me.

Oh, yes, I have gotten beyond the stockholm syndrome of finding a potential rapist attractive. If you aren’t the most gentle, friendly, clearminded, and focused person you can be you gets no mind from me.

And so I’m not concerned about my skirt or anything on or not on my body that may seem suggestive. Because my mind isn’t suggestive, or ambiguous in anyway. And if you don’t respect my mind than I know very well you won’t be respecting my choice of pants over my super cute little skirt.


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