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Hey Fam!!!
So, I have been able to release Book 2 of the Human Fallibility Compilation Series (HFS) I have been working on!!!
Book 1 was Paradox, which was about, yup you guessed it, paradox’s, LoL 😉 .
Book 2 is about Fallacies, and is thusly named Fallacy.
*Check them out here on the webpage that was made for the series: [freeingsystems.com/hfs/]

I had decided to begin this series about a year ago, when i really began to deeply research into this large, yet intriguing area of study.
I was becoming increasingly drawn towards and still further and further amazed at the astounding amount of largely and mainly unconscious hindering behaviours, actions, errors in reasonings and improper forms and methods of sociolinguistics, that we as humans engage in being human, especially as pertaining to socioeconomic dictated interpersonal communicative and interaction.
As such,  i began to research into and learn more about the many forms of human fallibility!
At this point in my research i then myself desired a physical compilation book series about these subjects, i tried to find such a work, to no avail, And so Alas! This work began!
And this started as a project and endeavour, for not only myself, but for anybody i can interest in desiring to be more effective in their own lives by being even just basically aware of some of these instances of potential “negative” situations that can possibly occur directly due to these hindering fallibilities.

Thanks to the Lovely and Amazing Nourish, who provided for me the courage and abilities required to begin this process, as well as even patiently walked me through the steps and processes i needed to learn and go through, I was able to eventually have a finished product become available.
Book 1 was finished and released a few months ago!
I was then able to work on and complete Book 2, and even a bit more easefully as for having done it before with her previously.
Now although i am working on this series mainly, right now specifically Book 3,  I am also still dabbling with a few other works, things and productions all at the same time – Mainly i still admin for United Citizens of Earth #UCE [https://www.facebook.com/unitedcitizensofearth/], as well as other FB pages and groups; I also try and update the TAE [www.ThinkandAct.Earth] website when i can, usually after i am able to organize all of the new stuff added on my pc 1st, which normally takes some time; We are also working on a few IRL (In Real Life) engagements of relevant potency; And of course my daily living situations (which under capitalism, we are mostly all pretty much struggling to survive 🙁 , although we can all strive to do our best regardless 🙂 ).

One of my main reasons and purpose for this series and project, is that I personally feel that not only should we the people need to be learning about these topics ourselves, but i also feel that trying to get the objectively verifiable information and these perspectives that are leaning towards a symbiotic future for our species, one that is most certainly viable currently, out there, in any way possible. As we are certainly in an environment of pushed willful ignorance, and this is of great import to consider as well.
This concept of self responsibility, is so that us the people, can be able to be self reliant and sustaining, without having to be a victim to any form of oppression and/or manipulation.
To then be aware of these cases of human fallibility and error would allow for an individual to be better equipped with being effective and accurate in the attempt at avoiding and combating these rather frequently occurring potentially hindering issues that can occur within the course of our daily lives, especially within the competition based foundation of social interaction that is the current modus operandi under this oppressive global societal operating construct of ‘ Any variation of Capitalism.’ that has been controlling our environment since its inception in the 1600’s, when it rendered feudalism obsolete.
Besides being able to avoid such potentially harmful instances individually, these critical thinking processes obtained by learning this information can allow for a society to become better equipped in handling, avoiding and even possibly rendering obsolete such instances of societal oppression that is hindering societal advancements, and is also the cause of many negative qualities of existence we deal with in this paradigm.

I do hope you all enjoy these texts and learning about this shit as much as i do!
I have made it so that they are not only for sale, But, they are also available for Free in PDF form on the webpage!
Also, if you would like to be an Affiliate Seller of the books, and make a percentage ( % of $ ) for every one you can sell, this can most certainly be very simply arranged, Just Contact Me (email link is on this page) to inquire about how to get started with that process!

Now, i am beginning on Book 3, and i do hope to be able to finish this book, and more-so, the entire series rather quickly, as i really desire to delve into other things, specifically other texts going on in my head that i feel are going to be of My Main Works, as compared to this compilation series.
Just an FYI here: I am ‘Self-published’, this means i have no advertising, nor any real ability to get the books out there commercially, except maybe through word of mouth and people sharing the info about and the books themselves around IRL and virtually on social media and the like.
So, any and all assistance in this regard, would be Greatly Appreciated, and as I said earlier, if you would like to make some $ selling the book, please HMU, and that can be set up so you are not just going out of your way with no compensation for doing so!
We can all benefit from this!

This journey has been quite an interesting experience for me so far, and i look forward to most of the continued adventures to come!

Be well and Nourished Fam!!!

About the Author:

Quae Frei (Pronounced: ‘Koo-aye’ ‘Free-aye’); Is a self-taught individual, who desires to learn and spread knowledge and wisdom to others. As to possibly help affect and co-create the foundational changes necessary for a transition of culture away from oppressive constructs of the past and of today, to social systems that could allow for a more authentic freedom and symbiosis for all life involved.

Since 2015 he has mainly offered this support through the social medium of his facebook page: United Citizens of Earth (#UCE). UCE has had a reach of up to over a million people weekly and steadily increased to 83K+ likes until it’s growth was capped due to an algorithm shift from FB to generate more “customers” by making it very difficult to “organically” reach users if one doesn’t pay to advertise or be “sponsored” by FB.

He offers support for wide-range critical thinking and personal effectiveness alignment.
Quae has garnered these capacities of research, discernment, and application by way of living a very dynamic life that required such abilities for basic survival, while also having certain early-environment based proclivities towards authentic self-direction.

Three years prior to starting the project of UCE these capacities were further developed when Quae focused, as the sole engagement of his life, towards the purpose of figuring out what consists of “effective societal change”, and began studying quite intensely into a myriad of topics and subjects towards that end.

Currently Quae is continuing to work on this human fallibility compilation series (check out Book 1 ‘Paradox’), as well as different projects and productions involved within his chosen path of self-direction, and he still continues to consistently engage the public through the medium of UCE on the social media platform.

Quae is also participating in the co-creation of tools and techniques towards effective societal change towards collective freedom through the mediums of www.ThinkandAct.Earth (the conceptual presentation / foundation / realization side), and www.FreeingSystems.com (database / steps & processes / the actualization side).

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    <3 Just read this and I'm honored to be mentioned in your processes. I'm glad you are moving forward and feel inspired and I celebrate this journey with you cutie!

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