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Hey, Yum to greet you!


Nourish Mwaulife NWॐBN Frei


Connect with me.

Hey, Yum to greet you!


Connect with me.
What I’m doing for us (all).
What I could do for you.
What I have done.

What I’m doing for us (all)?

Fundamentally I am a wellness orienting, systems optimizing, production artists who is uplifting, inspiring, and supporting myself and others to be a nourishing self as, by, and for the earth. I do this on three scales:

Global Home is collective wellness based in systematically cultivated freedom symbiotically for all.

Systematic Freedom fundamentally is direct access to basic needs and symbiotically, regeneratively, sustainable (SRS / “source”) wants which are basically food, water, shelter, power, production, and mobility, access to these humn realities that minimize as much humn labor and monetary input as possible by way of the technically optimized systems of mechanization, automation, and self-replication.

Global Home is access bases all over the world to those needs and SRS wants, to social spaces that support and amplify the texture of wellness cultivated by that aforementioned access, and information (all-previous & real time, symbiotically) that supports the cultivation, maintenance, and amplification of that access and those spaces.

Global Home starts with the vision implemented by way of my/our Local Efforts.



Our local efforts are what we call: Freeing Systems™ Co.

which is a “cooperative company that co-creates, integrates, and implements a wide range of dynamically differentiated optimized systems supporting: Symbiotic Regenerative Self-Sustainability on personal and collective scales. This is for proactively nourishing collective wellness while simultaneously minimizing and ultimately negating the exploitative scarcity-based and scarcity-orienting global monetary system.”

Which basically means:

We get ourselves and others FREE.

Previously we’ve done this by organizing, sharing, and implementing in our own lives and those of our friends and families in general systems that we’ve found in our research of evolving the idea of Freeing Systems Co itself. Since standing within this idea fully we were finally able to discover a group of others who are ready to implement these systems as a collective systematic-freedom-based community and as a seed for a Global Home reality. This town is Walsenburg, CO where we are developing a food-forest and simply being available to projects unveiling with the many rich opportunities that are here, coming to here, and will be birthed by here.





Two kinds. Documentation & Metaphorization. 🙂

Fundamentally the purpose of this aspect of my life engagement is to share what I’m doing, inspire something uniquely similar in others, and garner support for it’s ever-emergence.

This is multi-modal art, expressing and combining in as many forms as I find nourishing and delicious in the moment.

Currently this is fundamentally a personal/collective blog, that is becoming a very dynamic ongoing web and in-person series! Starting with a short film that I am working on right now 🙂 So, please keep your eye out, and please consider supporting the work!



Here’s some of my latest posts from our collective blog Steps in Freedom

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What I could do for you.

I can make you anything that will support integral and collective wellness.


  • a logo,
  • a website,
  • a flyer,
  • a pamphlet,
  • a book cover,
  • a business card,
  • a meme,
  • a short video
  • I am also available to hold creative space with you and discover ways that we could co-create within this wellness support together.

The cost? Name your price.

Because your wellness by way of my wellness is our wellness. And I live for that.

What I’ve done.


Why am I doing what I doing, offering what I’m offering, and have done what I’ve done?

Because I think cultivating wellness is the purpose of life!

And because I know for that wellness to be authentic, integral, and sustainable it must be all-inclusive.

So I nourish myself (and whoever else I can) directly while systematically cultivating local and global conditions that support its direct access symbiotically by all with every ounce of my being.

Back to that process of sensing my as a nourishing self of, by, and for the earth.

And yes, I value immensely nourishing myself and all else, but also really this is just a wellness oriented approach to these liminal times within the ecological and social climate. Because, I think that if we were to systematically cultivate integral wellness by freeing our access to freeing systems more and more then, not only would we have more time to dedicate to cultivating peace on earth, but also the systems themselves – being symbiotic, regenerative, and sustainable (SRS) and thus authentically freeing would be healing the climate (with Carbon Farming Permaculture techniques, alternative energy sources, natural building, redirection from consumerism to producerism and celebrationism and so on) and cultivating equality (all have access to needs and SRS wants, social wellness spaces, and ever-emerging user-friendly verification-demarcated information) amongst all. This would cultivate socially authentic space that is systematically beyond the limited access based power structures of today that create all the various forms of social injustice.

Basically, I think we need to free up time systematically by taking into account what we actually need and can SRS want in order to free ourselves from the current dominant slavery based system and save our home-planet.

Our home experience of Earth, I sense, is our’s to realize.


Then let’s connect!

Or at least please please consider supporting this work with a donation.