Classic Cuteness

I love the couple of episodes (19 & 20 at least) in the second season of Steven Universe where Peridot starts become more loving simply by Steven just loving her all up. Like even when she *actually* breaks his most major appliances, like he doesn’t get upset, he’s sweating yes, but he keeps his smile [...]

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So there’s this ongoing, kind of active right now, topic of the “under/value-ment” (value / lack of value) of professing one to be of the light... There’s so much value in grounding. Energetically, by sensing an awareness that blooms from the earth within your own being. And physically, by cultivating direct access to your needs [...]

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The ride is the yum.

Rice isn’t really that easy to make though. Like why people act like it is a basic thing to know of cooking boggles my mind. Like it really does require a certain finesse, that I’m only beginning to approach mastery of (quick tip: never stir, if anything lightly flip). If anything, a basic to cooking [...]

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Nourishing my womb and unveiling.

Image Credit: A Connection via Latoya Crick, Artist Unknown Nourishing my womb and unveiling. What effervescent womb-like pulls, Sparkling and shimmering in darkness, Stars. Stars evoking lights that illuminate corners. Evoking true existence, Unveiling the borders. Something like, rocking. Back and forth on my lover’s groin, Pleasure seeking, feeling, knowing. I come to this. I [...]

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Ecofuturistic Visions

Ok, so Quae’s last post got me wanting to honor some of my pings in relationship to the rainbow gathering too. But if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I looooooove systems optimizing. Like I just get juiced by the potentialities towards further symbiotic, regeneratively, and sustainable collective freeing! So I’m sitting [...]

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Journey to the rainbow gathering.

So, Just an update of the latest journey: We went to the Rainbow gathering where we met some Really kewl AF and potent folks! The trip to rainbow was around 40hrs driving time, took around 4 days of just close to non-stop traveling! This was my first trip this far west by the way, [...]

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Initials ~,~

Hey, welcome to Steps in Freedom, a blog documenting our (the team behind Freeing Systems Co.) collective processes towards global home! So we’re making this blog now because we’re realizing that in making a life out of implementing these Freeing Systems for ourselves and others constantly (in as many locations around the world) as [...]

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