Ecofuturistic Visions

Ok, so Quae’s last post got me wanting to honor some of my pings in relationship to the rainbow gathering too. But if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I looooooove systems optimizing. Like I just get juiced by the potentialities towards further symbiotic, regeneratively, and sustainable collective freeing! So I’m sitting [...]

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Journey to the rainbow gathering.

So, Just an update of the latest journey: We went to the Rainbow gathering where we met some Really kewl AF and potent folks! The trip to rainbow was around 40hrs driving time, took around 4 days of just close to non-stop traveling! This was my first trip this far west by the way, [...]

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Steps within A Blossoming

  And we move forward together. So often with food. We gather. Because it's so obvious, this collective need to eat. But we musnt forget about the other five, we mustnt forget about the true feat. Of access to food, water, warmth/comfort/shelter, power, production, and mobility. And within our systematic access may we also [...]

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Initials ~,~

Hey, welcome to Steps in Freedom, a blog documenting our (the team behind Freeing Systems Co.) collective processes towards global home! So we’re making this blog now because we’re realizing that in making a life out of implementing these Freeing Systems for ourselves and others constantly (in as many locations around the world) as [...]

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